About Us

Our Director Stuart Imer began providing Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy in surgical clinics in 1999. Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation Australia evolved from there. We expanded the scope of the practice in 2012 to include podiatry, and to provide services across multiple sites in Melbourne and Geelong. At our Brighton and Frankston rooms, we provide physio and podiatry services as part of Bayside Ortho Rehab (a multi-disciplinary Foot & Ankle Clinic). Our Geelong practice is located at Corio Bay Sports Medicine Centre, the region’s most respected multi-disciplinary sports medical facility. In Richmond, we’re based at Recover Sports Medicine; providers of physio, podiatry and rehab to Melbourne’s elite sporting teams. Our newest location in Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeons, Vincent’s and Mercy Private Hospital, 170 Gipps St in East Melbourne, we work alongside leading foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Otis Wang.


We utilise Foot & Ankle Surgeons, Sports Physicians, Radiology services, specialist foot-wear retailers, and other health professionals as required, to provide the best possible integrated management of your condition. We utilise an evidenced based approach to managing your condition, by conducting and learning from the latest validated research.

We aim to be the nationally recognized leader in rehab for musculoskeletal conditions of the Foot & Ankle.

Please call us at one of our five locations to discuss your particular problem, or to make an appointment.