Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation Australia do not just treat injuries or assist in rehabilitation of the foot and lower limb. We are also able to treat other areas of the body that that may be causing issues for an individual.

When treating foot or ankle injuries or assisting with recovery from surgeries, we take into account lifestyle factors and a person’s key motivators for getting back in shape; whether it be being able to walk to the shops for groceries or compete in a marathon. Tailoring each recovery as much as possible ensures our patients reach the best of their ability, faster.

Our podiatrists look to assess the whole lower limb and it’s movement patterns via static and dynamic assessments combined with video gait and pressure analysis to formulate a detailed report and treatment plan to achieve your goals and help continue to do the things you enjoy. We have extensive knowledge of treatment for:

  • Hip or knee pain
  • Calf or shin pain
  • Heel and/or plantar fascia pain
  • General Podiatry
  • Diabetic Foot Assessment and education
Nordic Walking

FAARA is also able to provide Nordic Walking classes and instruction with Stuart Imer. As well as being one of Australia’s foremost physiotherapists in the treatment of Disorders of the Foot and Ankle, Stuart is also a fully qualified Nordic Walking Instructor.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

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“Nordic Walking is walking with specially designed poles and a learned technique to create a low impact yet total body workout.”

– Patrick Burtscher, Founder Nordic Academy

Nordic Walking is a low impact, high results form of total body fitness which offers people of all ages and fitness levels an impressive variety of benefits; from sports cross training, to injury rehabilitation, to weight loss and chronic disease management.

For more information on Nordic Walking, visit our Events Page.